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greaserbustGreaser from the Booze Lagoon Bust

9.5in. Resin. Created, sculpted and cast by Cig Neutron. Painted or unpainted.

The Greaser From the Booze Lagoon Story
The booze lagoon is a hangout for greasers and deliquents. It gets it's name from all the discarded booze bottles floating in the stagnant water. You want something gone, you throw it in the booze lagoon. No one will find it because no one can get anywhere near it's putrid waters. People dump everything from dead bodies to toxic waste into the lagoon.
Johnny D.U.I. was hell on wheels. Drifting from town to town, stirring up trouble wherever he went. His "live fast die young" outlook on the world made him volatile and dangerous. Never one to back down from a confrontation, Johnny was challenged by the leader of a local gang to a game of chicken at the cliff above the booze lagoon.
There was no way Johnny was going to lose, and while the other guy chickened out, Johnny drove his car right off the cliff and into the lagoon.
Ever since that day, there have been missing persons reports piling up around the lagoon. Sightings of a Fish-like man with an uncharacteristically groomed pompadour have also been reported.


$80- Unpainted
 $180- Painted

Temporarily Sold Out

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