November 18, 2013
Frankenlady gets ready for Comikaze 2013

July 10, 2012
Skid Ronin Trailer
No Home. No Master. No Mercy!

May 15, 2012
Happy BarfDay!

Tired of those lame Hallmark cards? Well now you can get your own Happy Barfday cards for that special weirdo in your life. They will love it so much, they'll hardly be able to contain themselves! Check out the official Bizarro Au Go-Go Barfday card video and and we're sure you'll be enticed to pick one up from our online shop.

November 7, 2011- What do people really think about Bizarro Au Go-Go?
We hit up attendees from the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention to see how they feel about our disgusting book.


July 18, 2011
FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go Promo



FanVixens and Bizarro Au Go-Go Prep and make an appearance at Perish's Studio 69 Event




Interview with Cig Neutron


     The Sleazy Universe of Cig Neutron! from JSalvador on Vimeo.